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We study multiple aspects of the social and emotional development of children. 

Work in the lab focuses on several topics of interest:  

The early development of empathy and prosocial behavior

We study multiple types of empathy in the early years (e.g., empathic concern, empathic happiness, cognitive empathy), as well as multiple forms of prosocial behavior, and focus on their development, antecedents, and consequences.

Specific aspects of parenting and their links to specific aspects of children’s competence

Parenting includes multiple dimensions, with different aspects serving different functions for children. We examine parental responsiveness to distress, reciprocity, control/authority, guided learning, warmth, and more, and their consequences for children's socialization and well-being.

The cultural context and its links to parenting practices and child outcomes

Culture can influence parenting and child development in important ways. We are interested in the similarities and differences in parenting processes across different cultures. 

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